Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Tooting Your Own Horn

Attention, luxury real estate marketing professionals, who seek market leadership: It is time to toot your own horn and get your story out to the media!

There has never been more opportunity, in the history of mass media, than right now, to become well known and well thought of in your marketplace. That is the goal of public relations. The internet has become the primary source of research for the media. Over 90% of journalists, reporters, TV talk shows, bloggers and media spokespeople turn to the internet every day for research. They are hungry for good stories. And, the internet makes it easy to spread the word about you via viral marketing (sharing your story with friends, family and colleagues with a couple of clicks).

But, you may ask:”What is my story?” or, “Why would the media be interested in me?” That is the big challenge. To have a story, you need to be newsworthy. To have a story that triggers word-of-mouth advertising, you need to be buzz-worthy!

Most successful casas de lujo en venta cdmx agents are what we call “transaction engineers”. They have learned all of the fundamentals of marketing luxury homes and/or representing luxury buyers effectively. They are good negotiators, good listeners, good problem solvers and they have integrity. But, that is only the price of admission, in a highly competitive field.

To stand out and be great, to become top of mind, to become a market leader, to attract the attention of the media, you need to create a story that is worth repeating. You need to become known as an expert in something so that your opinion is sought by reporters. And, you need to stand for something (that is distinct from your competition) in the minds of potential clients and referral sources. Nothing is more important in the new era of social media than standing out as the “go-to” agent or company in a specific niche in your marketplace.

However, you cannot stand around waiting for the media to find you. If you want to surpass the transaction engineers, who just see themselves as competent practitioners, you must view your practice as a business. Step outside your role as agent and take on the mantle of entrepreneur. Do not be afraid to craft a inimitable story that demonstrates your expertise in your chosen niche and your superior marketing savvy. Get out there and toot your own horn! But, do so in a tasteful way.