Moving Tips for Our Senior Citizens

Moving can always be a stressful experience, but there are a lot more concerns when you are senior moving. Packing up household belongings is at a new level. What to take in the move, what to discard? If you don’t have family close by it can be overwhelming. There are many ways to make it easier for our seniors in the moving process so that it becomes an exciting change of life. The following is here to help our seniors with moving tips that can make the moving experience go smoothly for everyone involved.

1. Be understanding of your loved one’s belongings. Remember they worked their whole lives for some of these β€œthings”. Be considerate of their feelings and gently express concerns for where it would fit as they are scaling down.

2. When our seniors scale down it is often a result of necessity rather than desire to make a dramatic life change. If you can’t help directly find a professional service that is AleksMoving: Your Preferred Kitchener Movers familiar with the process. Your local mover should be able to help. Every situation is different so it is important to feel comfortable with those you choose to work with.

3. It is important to pack in smaller boxes. It may be more time consuming to use smaller boxes instead but doing so will make it easier in the moving process. Not only are smaller boxes easier to carry, but they are easier to unpack without getting tired so quickly.

4. One of my biggest helpful hints is to take a few moments & forget about packing & moving. Focus on the new location & how they will fit in. Take them over to visit the new place a few times. Let them spend the day if it is a more active community. This is so important in the transition. It’s what is called comfort level.

5. Many times even at an earlier age we start to feel abandoned. No one needs us anymore. Spend time with your senior. Stay in touch anyway you can. The elderly move is more emotional than anything else. β€œThis will be my last move before the graveyard.” Sorry to sound morbid but I’ve heard the comment many times. It is probably true. Be sensitive to their feelings.

The senior move is without a doubt the most difficult. It can be emotionally draining on all ends. With some careful thought & consideration put behind it,It may just become the best move you senior has ever had. Start little by little and everyone should come out just fine. Good luck.