Take the Stress Out of Traveling With Your Pet

Traveling with your pet can be an exciting time when you and your family, including your pet, make long-term memories together. Traveling with a pet is a big responsibility, however, and being prepared is the key to a successful trip. Here are some things to remember when you prepare for your family vacation.

First, you should have a large, well ventilated cage for your pet to travel in during your car trip. Be sure your pet gets used to the cage before the trip so that it is as stress free as possible. Ideally, the cage should be large enough for your pet to stand and turn around in. Too small a cage can be tremendously restricting and cause your pet unnecessary stress. It would also be wise to acclimate your pet to car rides by taking them on several shorter trips prior to your vacation. During car trips, it is vitally important that you never leave your pet in a hot or cold car. You should stop for lunch or dinner somewhere that will allow you to stay with your pet.

Food and water are important for keeping your pet happy. If your pet begins begging for food, pull over. Feeding your pet in a moving vehicle is a recipe best organic cbd for dogs for disaster. Plan to bring some water as well. Water from different locations can cause stomach upset, so to be safe, bring your own. Fill a large jug or two with tap water or purchase bottled water for your animal. Grocery stores sell gallons of water that are ideal for trips.

A well- stocked travel kit can be the perfect solution. Be sure to make a checklist ahead of time so you won’t forget anything. A travel kit should include:

1.Accident clean up tools


3.Rawhide chews

4.Plastic water and food bowls

5.Any medication your pet takes regularly

6.Plenty of food (it’s a good idea to pack more than you think you’ll need)

7.Brushes and other grooming supplies

8.Paper towels

9.Waste disposal bags and a pooper scooper

10.Pet first aid kit, which you can purchase at most pet supply stores

11.Most importantly, be sure your pet has a few favorite toys and a pillow to provide him or her with comfort away from home

Because of the foreign environment, it is important that you have lots of identification on your pet, just in case. On your pet’s collar you should have the usual veterinary tag with important information, as well as a temporary tag with your cell phone and the address of your hotel. Also, you should do some research before your trip to locate local pet hospitals and veterinary offices- just in case. Be sure to map these offices out and bring directions and a phone number with you to ensure you can locate them in an emergency.

When it comes to traveling with your pet, the key is to prepare for every eventuality. Prepare for departure well ahead of time to avoid surprises on the road, when solving an issue can prove difficult and time consuming. Traveling is stressful enough without forgetting to bring your pet’s food or leash, so be sure to check and double check the night before leaving. Once you’re on the road, enjoy the time with your family and pet! One more thing, remember the camera and film! You’re going to make lots of joyful memories together.