Why Women Love Authentic Designer Handbags

The world of designer bags or any designer product is a fascinating one. It seems there is a deep connection to a person’s psychological make up. People usually admire others with nice expensive items, and it makes them feel admired, watched, and envied. There is a feeling of self-confidence radiating through a woman who is carrying an authentic designer purse. Some women like to feel glamorous. The aura of glamour is a big factor, and a real designer handbag creates that feeling. It is a status thing. It’s like a man with a very expensive watch. They are a high-demand accessory to a woman’s wardrobe. Today, we’re prepared to spend more on an African print handbag than a vacation, and both men and women want the rest of the world to know it. Designer handbags are the key to a perfect outfit and more. There is really more to a designer handbag than just the cost. It’s about the feeling it generates within your-self. It’s the emotional experience you have.

When women started leaving the home, either for leisure and work, bags became a useful way of carrying their needed possessions. Then, as women gained financial independence, and the handbag industry’s growth zoomed. Most women would feel naked without their handbags. Why do women find designer bags so desirable? It’s partly because they’ve become a visible statement of a woman’s status, fashion savvy, and earning power. The popularity of designer handbags over the years has followed the increasing social independence of their owners–especially the “It-bag.”

What does it take to raise a designer handbag to authentic ‘It’ status? The most number one attribute is a striking design. An “It-Bag” needs to be immediately recognizable – whether it’s the unmistakable LV print on a bag, or the highly recognizable underarm Fendi Baguette. The big element for an “It-Bag,” of course, is glamour. This comes from the mystical association between a brand and a celebrity – such as the famous Hermes “Kelly” bag. Hermes first produced the bag in 1935, it was not until 1956 that the bag’s reputation sky-rocketed when Princess Grace of Monaco was photographed and placed on the cover of Time Magazine trying to hide her pregnancy with a classic Hermes bag. The bag, thereafter, became known as “The Kelly” in her honor; and the Hermes bag shot to a global bestseller status. Fashion critics are very clear about the association of a handbag and a celebrity. Carrying a “Kelly bag” declares class and old money, both are highly desirable. Jackie Kennedy helped promote Gucci by being photographed often with a Gucci shoulder bag that she loved. Gucci, then in 1967, officially presented “The Jackie” shoulder bag to the public, as it is still known today. Then, there is the “Lady Dior of 1994” which became a total sensation after Princess Diana took to carrying it around town. The message is clear that clothes are the same and redundant. It’s all about the “It-Bag.”

Designer handbags will always be in fashion. The name, the style, and the celebrity status, are all things that go along with the designer handbag. One of the attractions that make women feel so great about designer purses is that they make a statement; but, they are much more than that, as they truly make the woman appear much more confident and powerful. Designer purses make the woman feel stylish and important.