Wig Cap Construction Types Explained

Different Wig Construction types Explained

There are several different constructions methods for wigs and each has its own advantages. Selecting the right wig construction for you will depend on a number of factors such as your budget, environment and personal taste.

Traditional or Wefted Cap:

The most common style found, this cap has a lace piece inside the cap under the crown area, which provides comfort to the wearer. This wig will often have a Skin like piece in the part area, which the hair is attached to so that when looking down on the part area it creates the illusion that you are looking at the wearer’s own scalp. The rear of the wig is made up of Machined wefts and although this style can be a little heavier it allows for good airflow and is quite durable. This style is often described or referred to as a Skin Top Part.


Also a very popular construction method, a capless wig can be a more affordable due to the simpler construction. It also has open machined wefts in the rear of the wig, which makes the wig both light and cool to wear. The hair in the crown area is often teased a little to hide the wefting and this also gives the appearance of a good volume of hair in that area. Because of the way the wig is constructed around the crown area you cannot style the wig to have a definite part. So it is best suited to people who normally don’t have a definite part in their own style. This is commonly more for mature men and women.

Monofillament Cap (Mono Top):

This construction style uses a very light and translucent mesh in the crown area, which the hair is hand tied to. This gives a very realistic appearance, as the translucent mesh takes on the wearers scalp colour when placed on the scalp, so the wearer’s own scalp is visible in the part area while being worn. Mono top wigs are very versatile as the hair can be parted as needed in the Monofillament area (referred to as a free style). Obviously the cost of not only the monofilament mesh but the labour intensive process of hand tying the hair to the mesh makes this one of the more expensive methods.

Lace Front:

As the name suggests the hair in hairline area is attached to a fine lace, which can be used to glue the wig in place creating a very natural look. This cap type requires some knowledge/experience or a professional to cut the lace to fit the wearer, as in some cases the lace piece may be left longer than needed specifically to enable clients to cut the lace to their desired length. The lace area is often attached using a strong glue. The delicate nature of the lace makes it more difficult to maintain than the previously mentioned cap types. This method, like the monotop cap, is more expensive due to the labour involved in its construction however it is not as durable as the monotop. This construction method is mostly used in Ladies wigs

Hand Tied Lace Wigs:

As with the Lace Front and Monofillament Top wigs near me this construction method requires the hair to be hand tied to the Lace base. As the entire base is made from lace tying the hair individually takes a great deal of time and hence is more expensive. However the lace is softer and tends to mould itself to your head shape and if needed can be more personally fitted so as to achieve a great fit and more realistic look. Many people prefer this as there is no wefting at the rear which can be exposed and hence revealing it is a wig. However the delicate nature of the lace means that it will require more care and tends not to last as long as the other construction types.

This type of wig requires a great deal of experience when putting on the wig and often people who have total hair loss use glues so that the wig stays on for weeks at a time.

In conclusion:

There are pros and cons for each cap construction type. However it is essentially a balance between the natural/realistic look, the cost of the product and the durability. Wefted styles are more durable but do not offer the level of comfort and natural look that Lace caps offer. Wefted styles are also more affordable so replacing the item more regularly ensures that the piece always looks fresh.

In reality if you have no budgetary constraints then custom-made lace wigs would be ideal. In reality the time and bother required to have the item regularly made and the extra care needed can sometimes outweigh the overall benefits as people often want a wig which is easy to care and quick to put on.